Training and work

I initially trained with YogaCampus (200 hour Yoga Alliance accredited course), and continued to train with them in post-natal and family yoga, yoga for back pain and anatomy, amongst others.

I have a Master's degree in psychology, studying mindfulness in the workplace.

I'm also co-founder of a not-for-profit: Claiming Space

When I mention I practice yoga, the response is often something along the lines of "you must be so flexible" and "I'm not flexible enough for yoga. I am not naturally flexible (AT. ALL.) and slowly, slowly, over many years, have come to realise that my yoga practice is not to make me flexible, but more mobile. It does not make me more relaxed, but more awake. It does not make me more content, but more active

That is what I hope to teach: mobility, awakening, action

I teach inclusive classes designed to bring attention and awareness to the breath, movement and mind. My classes promote non-judgment, non-harm, and letting go. For all shapes and sizes, genders, backgrounds. I can't promise you a "yoga body" (whatever that is) but I promise to give you my full attention in class and share some interesting ways to move and some more interesting ways to be still.




Always grateful to the following teachers: Susanne Lahusen; the late Michael Stone and his team; Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, and every inquisitive student who has come to my classes.

If you would like to know more or have any questions about my classes or yoga in general, please drop me a message on my contact page or come along to a class or workshop.