I teach mindfulness, mindful movement and mental health awareness privately and through several organisations and charities. My approach is informed by a personal long-term meditation and yoga practice, informal study with senior teachers, and developed through more formal qualifications including current study with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre (part of the University of Oxford). 

I am passionate about bringing mindfulness into the workplace in a practical and effective way, having researched mindfulness, workplace satisfaction and stress for an MSc in Psychology. I spent nearly a decade working in the legal sector and am a qualified solicitor, so I understand first-hand the reality of high performance environments, targets, deadlines and the demands of a busy office. My teaching is inclusive, secular and non-dogmatic, combining theory and practice in a way that applies to every day life. 

For specialist yoga, mindfulness and workplace training for working directly with traumatised and vulnerable clients click here


8 week mindfulness courses

Mindfulness classes
(30-45 minutes)
Mindful yoga
(45-60 minutes)
Vinyasa flow
(60-90 minutes)

Mental Health Awareness with Mind in Camden
(1 - 3 hours)

"As an ex-lawyer I know what sitting at a desk all day can do to the spine and the soul; and the stresses of high-pressure caseloads, demanding clients, IT failures, deadlines, targets... Yoga can help calm the nerves, release the shoulders, focus the mind, and (hopefully) put a smile back on your face."